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Position: Practice Representative

Practice Representative (PR)

The Practice Representative (PR) position primarily entails a mix between patient relations, marketing, and practice growth. Hours may range between 30-40 hours per week - sometimes more depending on level of activities. Must be flexible in working some weekends and evenings.  Salary is also negotiable based on life/career experience, etc.  

We strive to create this holistic approach to health care. A healing environment begins and ends with a positive patient experience, and each member of our team is critical to meet this goal. We are on the forefront of innovation with the treatments we offer and the systems we utilize. We seek to establish a balance of productivity and tranquility in a caring and supportive environment. If you are someone who enjoys helping others while taking great pride in being productive, efficient and accurate, this role is a fit for you! 

Our PR is responsible for health screenings, speeches, going to other health care practices, attorneys, civic clubs, businesses, chamber, etc.  Wherever you go, you ARE the practice.  The PR person fulfills their role primarily OUTSIDE of the office.  Effective marketing is OUTSIDE the office, working with PEOPLE - Building Relationships with other leaders.  The More Contacts and Relationships you have, the more powerful you are!  This takes work and time.  

The Practice Representative MUST…
- Be professional (fit in with all level of professionals).
- Be sociable - likeable - because your job is to build relationships.
- Be Passionate - about our practice.  You must know that without Chiropractic the world will have a worse, shorter life.
- Be Bold - this is not a computer geek job - you must be out there with people! Meet new people and able to LEAD people!

To apply: Email Resume to

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